Urethane Bumper Plate Set 320lb Set/150kg w/ Competition Olympic Bar

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Urethane Bumper Plate Sets 320lb Set/150kg w/ Competition Olympic Bar| Commercial | $2,295.00

From clean and jerks, to presses and deadlifts, a barbell and bumper plates should be the foundation of any good strength program. This set is the perfect combination of barbell and plates for the serious weightlifter, or for a gym looking to have a dedicated set for competition.

Our barbell and competition plates have been used all across the globe, and were designed with years of experience to last in the toughest conditions. From the spin on the sleeves, to the knurl on the bar, or the accuracy and low bounce of our bumper plates, you're buying quality at a great price. Perfect for a home gym / garage gym, or to use in a commercial setting. Our color plates also follow the international standards, making it easy to identify how much weight is loaded on a barbell.

This Package Includes:

1 Olympic Barbell, 8 Bearing Needle-Bearing 1500lb test bar
MXP Fitness Competition plate set - 320 lb of plates including:

2 X 25kg, 2 X 20kg, 2 X 15kg, 2 X 10kg, 2 X 5kg, Textured Urethane

1 Pair of Collars



5 Year