Versaclimber TS Climber

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Versaclimber TS Climber

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[Special order item. Email for pricing and availability. Please allow 4-6 weeks for Versaclimber items to arrive]

The NEW TS VersaClimber, is the most tech updated climber equipped with a WiFi / Bluetooth touch screen that enables exercisers to record and save workouts; view graphs of feet per minute, stroke length and strokes per minute; see total sessions completed, feet climbed, heart rate and average feet per minute; compete for rankings on leader boards; and share successes via social media.

Intuitive to use, the tablet-based console on the TS VersaClimber accommodates both tech-hungry users along with exercisers  who simply want to view basic metrics. For studios and clubs that conduct small group training or group classes with VersaClimbers,  the new models and Studio Package add a host of practical features.


TS VersaClimber Vertical Climbing Machine Specs

TS VersaPulley Vertical Climbing Machine Features