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The Blitz Ski Trainer is a more economical ski trainer that offers a joint-friendly full-body workout, so you can get the amazing workout of cross-country skiing — right at home!

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FEATURES • Air-powered flywheel • Adjustable damper • 105.7lbs weight • Quick disassembly • Console included • Ergonomic handles • Ships unassembled

Get the amazing workout of cross-country skiing, right at home.

Seriously, invest in the Blitz Ski Trainer — you’ll be really glide you did (don’t worry, we’ll ski ourselves out now…) 😏

Benefits of the Blitz Ski Trainer

    With the Blitz Ski Trainer, you can embrace the thrill of skiing all year round! Whether you enjoy skiing so much that you want to nurture your love for it during the off-season or you’re a home gym enthusiast looking for a fun way to stay in shape, this ski trainer brings the slopes directly to you. The strapless handles fit comfortably in your hands to provide an ergonomic grip and they have a sweat-wicking coating that’ll stay dry, perfect for high-use gyms and longer endurance workouts. And thanks to its design, you can get a workout that closely mimics the actual mechanics of skiing — even in the heat of summer (or when it’s -50°C outside with the windchill… we don’t blame you for staying inside) 🥶
    Nordic (cross-country) skiing is one heck of a workout. Your legs aren’t propelling forward like they would be on the trail but by adopting the more traditional skiing technique of going onto the balls of your feet at the top of each rep and “pulling” down with your legs, you’ll ensure your leg muscles get a serious workout, too. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, have joint sensitivities, or prefer a low-impact exercise option, the Ski Machine is a safe and effective choice. It allows you to work up a sweat and get your heart pumping without the worry of joint discomfort holding you back 💪🏻
    Like the world-class Concept2® SkiErg, the Blitz Ski Trainer uses a fan-based flywheel. This means that the harder your pulls, the harder the resistance — making for highly responsive and adaptable workouts. But, you can also control the feel of your pulls using the damper from 1 to 10. Adjusting for more or less airflow into the flywheel allows you to change the feel of each stroke to suit your skiing style. Whether you want your workout to feel like you’re cruising on a flat trail or a steep uphill climb to earn that post-ski beer, this ski machine will respond instantly to your needs 🎿

Specs - Blitz Ski Trainer

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 105.7lbs/47.9kg
Total Depth 49.75"/1264mm
Total Width 24"/610mm
Total Height 85"/2159mm
Platform Depth 47.25"/1200mm
Platform Width 23.6"/599mm
Platform Thickness 1"/25mm
Resistance Type Flywheel
Monitor Included
Weight Capacity 330lbs/150kg
Warranty See Below

IMPORTANT: The Blitz Ski Trainer is backed by a 5-year warranty on the frame & 2-year warranty on parts. It is an all-in-one package, so the platform cannot be purchased separately.

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