Bells of Steel - Double Viking Handle Attachment

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Bells of Steel - Double Viking Handle Attachment

Viking Press Attachment easily attaches to any 2″ Olympic bar to create a simple solution for training the Viking press, a popular strongman movement.

FEATURES • 4 grip options • Fits Olympic barbells • Easily attaches • 15.5lbs weight • Black powder coat • Sturdy steel build • 661lb capacity

Build boulder shoulders (and keep your joints happy) with the Viking Press Attachment.

Strong(wo)man exercises, like the Viking press, are notorious for being a HUGE pain in the you-know-what to set up in the gym.

But with the Viking Press Attachment, you can skip past the swearing and go straight to pressing — in less than a minute.

Benefits of the Viking Press Attachment

    There are two things to know about strong(wo)man: the exercises are unconventional, and setting up gym-friendly alternatives to them is a MAJOR pain in the you-know-what. But now, just slide your bar into a landmine, add your plates, and secure the Viking Press Attachment onto your bar. In under a minute, you’re ready to press! You’ll still have to deadlift your daily commuter to train for the car deadlift, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too 😉 To learn more, check out What is the Viking Press.

    This minimalist Viking Press Attachment is crafted using 45mm round steel tubing, for a more comfortable grip. And with the black powder coat, which discourages rust, you have a lightly textured grip that won’t chew into your hands. Thanks to the u-shaped design, you can keep your elbows stacked under your wrists for a more efficient press (and happier wrists).

    If just looking at a barbell overhead press makes your shoulders stiffen up like a couple of freezer-burnt steaks, then you’ll be cozying right up to our Viking press attachment. With two neutral and two regular grip options, you’ll be hard-pressed (😏) to find one that doesn’t give your joints some relief.

    Thought you needed a top-of-the-line powerlifting bar to fit a viking press attachment and maximize its use? Nah. Literally ANY Olympic barbell with 2″ sleeves will do. So, dust off that rusty ol’ beater bar that’s laying in the corner of your home gym, cause its days of crying from neglect are over.


Weight 15.5lbs/7.05kg
Length 685.8mm/27"
Depth 407mm/16"
Handle Diameter 45mm/1.7"
Inner Hole Diameter 52.7mm/2.01"
Material Steel
Finish Powder Coat
Colour Black
Weight Capacity 661.4lbs/300kg
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: Please note that the locking screw that secures the Viking Press Attachment to your bar could mark up your barbell sleeve over time.