Bells of Steel - Rackable Industrial EZ Curl Bar

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Bells of Steel-  Rackable Industrial EZ Curl Bar

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The Industrial Rackable EZ Curl Bar helps you build your biceps and triceps without straining your wrists and elbows — or your back.

FEATURES • 28mm diameter • 74.8″ length • 31.3lb weight • Black Cerakote shaft • Medium knurl • Joint-friendly • Gold titanized sleeves

The Industrial Rackable EZ Curl Bar 2.0 features less prominent curves.

Perfect your bi's & tri's without straining your wrists & elbows — or your back.

With a bar this curvy, you’ll love training for summer… even when it’s -40°C.

Benefits of the Industrial Rackable EZ Curl Bar

    With arm training, the biggest buzzkill is when aching joints force you to limit your weights or reps — stunting your results. But with this specialty bar, you can put those worries on ice. The ergonomic curves minimize wrist and elbow strain, and the rotating sleeves keep your reps feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom. With the 28mm diameter being juuust the right thickness, the bar avoids that jarring bobblehead action… letting you laser-in on reaching arm-aggedon 🌋
    This is an EZ curl bar, and a curl bar targets, well, your biceps… duh. BUUUUT, that’s not all it can do! You can pump out skull crushers, laying tricep extensions, and French presses to thicken your triceps. It also works wonders on your shoulders with front raises and upright rows. Or stick to the tried and true curls, but pair it with an Arm Blaster for a bicep workout you’ll never forget 💪
    Compared to our Industrial EZ Curl Bar, the Rackable Industrial EZ Curl Bar has much more space between the collars. This allows it to sit perfectly across your j-cups when racked. Not having to bend down to load your weight plates is the crème de la crème for any home gym and a must-have if you have a sensitive lower back. It’s also a serious nice-to-have for anyone over the tender age of thirty… anyone seen my deadlift jack? 👴

Specs - Industrial Rackable EZ Curl Bar

Brand Bells of Steel
Bar Use Specialty
Weight 31.31lbs/14.2kg
Length 74.8"/1900mm
Distance Between Sleeves 51.81"/1316mm
Loadable Sleeve Length 10.47"/266mm
Shaft Diameter 28mm
Fully Knurled Yes
Knurl Marks None
Shaft Coating Black Cerakote
Sleeve Coating Gold Titanium Plating
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: Although Cerakote is more resistant to rust and abrasion, it can still be scratched from metal-on-metal contact.

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