Versus Competition Kettlebells 8 - 40 Kg [Floor Models]

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Please Note, Floor Models have several blemishes and imperfections. If you would like a pretty kettlebell, buy brand new. If you just need weight - these are an excellent option.

The Versus Steel Competition Kettlebells deliver the exceptional performance and durability you would expect from a kettlebell designed for competitive use. Constructed from high quality steel, these will make a great addition to commercial and home gyms.

Competition kettlebells are designed to be the same size regardless of the weight, allowing you to practice highly technical movements with a consistent technique as you advance your skills. 


Coloured-Coded Band on Handles for Various Sizes

Handle Diameter: 35 mm

Distance Between Handles: 123 mm

Base Diameter: 140 mm

Bell Width: 8.27" width (210 mm)

Height: 11.1" height (282 mm)

Weight Tolerance: +/- 1%

Wide, flat machined base