XULT Urethane Grip Plate

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XULT Urethane Grip Plate

Urethane plate metal cores have a machined radius on the edges to eliminate internal sharp edges and cutting from within. Anchor notches and grooves are then cut into the iron and a proper bonding agent applied to allow a thick coating of premium urethane to permanently bond to the metal make it as durable and functional as any urethane plate on the market. Will not tear, scuff or mark racks and equipment. 3 year limited warranty

*Sold Individually 



Round, functional design with three comfortable handles

Large easy to read numbers

Plus/minus 2% tolerance of stated weight


Proprietary bonding agent

Thick high grade BASF™ urethane

Will not fade or discolor

Wear resistant matte textured surfaces

Coated to center hole, no exposed center hub


Machined radiuses to prevent damage to casing

Sandblasted prior to covering for better adhesion